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Testimonials & Thank Yous

These are sampling of the letters we’ve received this year from the students and counselors who attended Boutique Day.

From M., who plans to “pay it forward” as a way of thanking the Cinderella Project. Thank you, M, for your generous spirit, and good luck after your graduation!

I am writing to convey my heartfelt thanks for everything you have done for me and many others having similar financial conditions. I was very happy and appreciative to learn that I was selected to be one of the many lucky students who were going to be helped by your generous donations. By receiving this grant, you have lightened my financial burden and the huge stress I had from the beginning of the year about graduation. This will allow me to focus more on school, academically as well as in extracurricular activities. It’s the best thing that has happened to me since I came to Canada. It gave me a huge morale boost and confidence that dreams can indeed come true. I will try my best to give back to the community as much as I can by volunteering and keeping the community as good as possible. I hope one day i will be able to help students achieve their goals without worrying about finance just as you helped me make my graduation experience happy and memorable. Thank you again and I hope Cinderella Project continues to bring smiles on may more students in the future.

A letter from one of the many students who came to Boutique Day:

“Its hard to put in words if that is the right way of saying it:) but I would love to do the same thing to other youths if I have the chance just like they did for me. I can’t really descried but I enjoy a lot and feel very beautiful, loves, kind, that’s something I never see  and feels from someone. Once in life time I feel like human. If I could say THANK YOU I don’t think is enough but to keep it in my heart and thats something that I will remember for the rest of my life.

And a note from the above student’s social worker who accompanied her to Boutique Day and really saw the change that we hope to see in all the young men and women:

…Boutique Day was like being transported into a magical world where I witnessed dreams come true and confidence levels soar! The Fairy Godparents came from all over town just to be there, and they had some great stories to share from over the years. One of the stylists seemed to take each girl under her wing, and used her creative powers to transform each person, not just in hair, but in spirit as well. I was not only captivated by her skills, but her willingness to get to know each person behind the hair, and providing tips to [my student] and the budding stylists all around her.

Seeing people first pile in to the food area, meeting their Fairy Godparent, and then seeing them all decked out in their suits and dresses afterwards was like seeing their self esteem meter rise, jolting up along their previously slouched spines to their big big smiles!

A letter from a student who participated in the Cinderella Project:

The Cinderella project was a wonderful privilege to participate in. This experience meant a lot to me providing me with self confidence in myself and the chance to unwind from the hustle and bustle of grade 12. To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect but the Cinderella project exceeded my expectations, they went above and beyond to make sure every Cinderella and Cinderfella was taken care of and enjoyed their time. During this amazing experience I could really say it had a positive impact on me, this is because of the amazing staff and sponsors that were encouraging and supporting me, even people I didn’t know would come up to me and say “you look beautiful in the dress!” the atmosphere was definitely joyus.  What I really enjoyed about that day was everything, from the choosing of the dress to the accessories to the hair and the makeup! My Fairy God mother was the best she was so kind and caring towards me and my mom during the whole experience, I even got to talk to her about how long she’s been volunteering and that she finds joy in helping others through this project. Overall The Cinderella project was a great experience providing a student like me with such a privileged opportunity Thank you so much!
From a social worker who works with students living on their own, without the support of families or foster parents:

This year I was able to send two of my female clients to the boutique day and both were so overwhelmed to be able to attend. Both girls were very stressed about how to attend graduation with no money to be able to dress like their peers. The more I talked about what the boutique day looked like and how other clients in previous years enjoyed the day, their anticipation and excitement grew. This meant that they would be able to attend their grad in the same fashion as their peers. For both girls, this was the first time that they have ever had such an “all about me” experience and for one, it was so overwhelming that it took her hours to decide on a dress. They truly felt spoiled and were blown away with all they were given. I could see not only in my clients, but other girls throughout the day, that their entire demeanour changed once they were in these beautiful dresses. I felt that all the students’ self-esteem really improved throughout the day and my shy client really came out of her shell. I believe part of this can be attributed to their Fairy Godmothers.Both Fairy Godmothers really went above and beyond to make the experiences for my clients really special. They did everything they could to put my girls at ease and help them to feel completely pampered throughout the day. It was wonderful to see them take such an interest in my clients and help them to really come out of their shell and take advantage of the amazing opportunity. Both Fairy Godmothers were patient and took great care of my clients by checking in with them on their comfort levels and whether they needed food or a drink. They also ensured that my girls’ personalities shined through their outfits, accessories, and even hair. The Fairy Godmothers are an essential part of the day and deserve more praise than I can give in this letter.

I would like to thank all the volunteers, donors, and sponsors of this event. Without everyone’s selfless contributions, students would not be able to attend their graduation in style. This is a truly wonderful experience for everyone involved and I hope it continues for years to come.


“I want to express my sincere gratitiude and appreciation to the Cinderella Project for the incredible event that took place. While I can only speak on behalf of myself and my student. I can safely assume that on that Sunday, hundreds of other students, their families, friends and teachers, were experiencing similar feelings.”
Grade 12 Counsellor

“I’m a 2004 Grad from Burnaby Mountain Secondary and I’d love to thank you all for the wonderful dress, shoes, jewelry, and the makeup and hairdo. My father just saw me in the dress you gave me and he thinks that I look really beautiful.”
V., Student

“I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to have been a part of the Cinderella Boutique Day… Some of the students looked so unsure as they sat in the lobby, waiting their turn to go in. Then when they entered and saw the beautiful display before them they changed. Some had tears and some were just numb with delight. I had to fight back tears when I saw one of the first Cinderellas having her picture taken in her beautiful new dress, hair and makeup done. She truly looked like a princess. Congratulations to everyone involved in the Cinderella Project and to the many hands it took to put it all together.”
S.C., Boutique Day Volunteer

“It was truly an amazing experience. Thank you again, for including me in this amazing project and I am sure I will be helping out where ever I can during the year and at next year’s event.”
J.F., Fairy Godparent

“I had a wonderful time on Boutique Day! My Cinderfella was so much fun to spend the day with… He told me how thoughtful it was that I had volunteered my day to help him, and was amazed that so many people and organizations had donated all the time, funding and clothes. We exchanged email addresses, and I hope to see pictures of his prom! It was a tremendous experience to see this transformation and wonderful to work with a student who was so honest and told me how much it meant to him.”
N.P. Fairy Godparent

“As a Grade 12 counselor at New Westminster Secondary, I had the pleasure of submitting names for the Cinderella Project. I decided to attend on Sunday to get a better idea of your wonderful project! I want to thank all of you who make this possible for our students. The two girls were so excited and thrilled to be pampered and treated so well. It was really a most special day for both of them. Both are now looking forward to the grad dinner and dance and being prepared with all the things that they and their families were unable to afford has made them so happy!”
Meiyan Quong Yip, Grade 12 Counselor

“Just wanted to thank you for your hard work and the joy you bring to kids. M., one of my student referrals, bounced into my office first thing this morning, beaming, to tell me that she found “her” dress. She is glowing… She and her mother where overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity… She also is still sporting her straightened hair and funky eye shadow from yesterday. Thank you for making a difference.”

Christina Sears, Grade 12 Counselor

“I saw the beautiful result of one of your Cinderella Project makeovers. This young girl gets on my bus every Sunday after church, but yesterday, unlike most, she was all smiles and looking very grown up and quite beautiful. I waited for her to start the conversation as she usually does, and she was so excited, she wanted to show me her dress, shoes, etc. She said she felt like a movie star, the most loved and pampered she’s ever felt. I wish I knew her name so I could tell you which beautiful child she is, but I don’t like to push kids, I find they tell you these things on their own when they are ready. I would like to thank you for making these kids’ dreams of a fabulous graduation possible. I was told of your organization four years ago by some friends of mine who take part by volunteering, but until yesterday, I have never seen the incredible difference you make in the lives of the young people you help.”
L.V., Vancouver, B.C.

“I happened to come across your site and I was simply moved to tears – tears of happiness about the generosity of the Canadian community and the volunteers that make this possible. I live in Australia and we call the ‘prom’, a formal and it never occurred to me the cost involved in something like it that many people can simply not afford to go. Thank you for opening my eyes up…I compliment you on your decency for others and it really shows that the human spirit is alive and well in people like you. This organization is truly an inspiration to me.”
Sara O’Donnell, Australia

“Y. came in today with a smile on her face a mile wide. Her time in the [hotel] yesterday did an incredible amount for her self-esteem. The organization behind the project, the people involved in welcoming and helping the grads were obviously first-rate. You put Y. and her Mum on Cloud 9 – thank you so much.”
Roger Phillips – Gd. 12 Counsellor

“I would like to give great thanks to everyone who made it possible for me to be able to go to my graduation in style. I wish that I could repay you for all that you have done for me. A big thank you also goes out to Susan Upton for helping me choose my dress and everything that went with it. Once again thank you for making this happen for everyone who thought it would be impossible.”
L. R. – Student

“I spoke to my students today and they are still feeling the afterglow of the goodness they experienced….As their Graduation rite of passage approaches, all (six) of these students can look forward to their Ball and they will never forget the experience of having been blindsided by benevolence.”
Joe Ferrara, Gd. 12 Counsellor

“I wish to thank you for everything you did for A.’s Graduation. Her dress, shoes, and purse were just beautiful and she and I had a good time. We had a beautiful day and night for her and I know it would not have been possible without your help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”
Mary Ann B., Parent

“Thanks to your generosity, S. was able to go to her prom looking like a princess in the ice blue satin gown. This act of kindness will never be forgotten. Thank you.”
Maureen, Parent