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Corporate Sponsorships

The Cinderella Project is a federally registered, 100% volunteer-based charity founded in Vancouver in 1999, who to date have assisted over 5000 deserving young people across the Lower Mainland. Every penny raised goes directly into helping students in our project. The goal is to help break cycles of poverty by encouraging vulnerable youth to stay in school and complete their high school education. We work to encourage and recognize outstanding young people reach the milestone of graduation despite overwhelming adversity.

As students take daily steps to navigate their complex life, we help keep them focused on hopes of a bright future. We offer financial support for post-secondary applications that help open doors to opportunities, whether their dream includes pursuing college, university, trades, the arts……. For most of our students the financial burden is more than they can manage. It would mean going without food or forfeiting on rent. No child should be in a position of having to choose. We are also very proud of our Achievement Award Program that assists youth in pursuing their post-secondary dreams. To date we have awarded over $258,000 in financial awards, 55 laptop computers and 35 hair-dressing school scholarships.

It may surprise you to know that the most recent statistics show 25% of Canadian children live below the poverty line, and many of these children succumb to pressures that drop out of school early. Reasons for this are complex, but most relate directly to living in poverty. Students we help lead lives of invisibility and marginalization, face bullying and other forms of violence. Our goal is to build self-esteem, restore dreams for a better future, and ensure they feel included, understood and important. The Cinderella Project shows them they are courageous, valued in our communities, and that despite of the incredible struggles they face in their lives, they CAN achieve the milestone of graduation, and be rewarded and celebrated for their perseverance in the face of such overwhelming adversity.

The impact of our program extends well beyond graduation. It’s truly remarkable how unconditional encouragement and positive mentorship have a significant, life changing impact on a participant’s self-esteem and outlook on the future. Our students begin to believe that anything is possible and open their eyes to a new future and to opportunities they haven’t even dared to dream about before. This is the “Magic” of the Cinderella Project. One grateful mother wrote: “For my child, whom has had so many troubles in her youth, to even fathom that she would be alive and graduating, is amazing. The Cinderella Project was the icing on the cake for her and a much-needed self-esteem boost.”

We could not make the dreams of our students come true without the generous support of our sponsors. With support from you or your organization, we in turn acknowledge your valued support throughout the year on our sponsor page of our website and other promotional materials and communications.

You can donate by:

  • e-transfer to
  • mailing a cheque payable to The Cinderella Project, #172-219 Mackay Road, North Vancouver, BC V7P 3N6
  • donating online with PayPal using your credit card or debit card, or PayPal account

To donate products or services or for more information about sponsorship opportunities, please email us at info@the