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Various small groups, clubs, organizations and institutions have used their own creativity to help fundraise for the Cinderella Project. Some past initiatives include:

  • High school students formed a club to host events
  • An elementary school bake sale
  • A donation in place of a birthday present
  • Proceeds from a retail store fashion show,
  • One student organization took the initiative of organizing a garage sale stocked by all the un-useable items donated to the project. Their creative approach to fundraising helped generate a cash donation to the Cinderella Project.
  • A UBC fraternity threw a sale for all the Cinderella Project’s un-used tuxes. The sale of the tuxes was a tremendous success!
  • A local couple decided that for their wedding, they would like to do something for the Cinderella project. The donated jewelry and money to be used to sponsor students.
  • A local Pathfinder group of teenagers (ages 13-15) are planning on a fashion show
  • The Jewish Community Centre in Vancouver called “Rosh Hodesh: It’s a Girl Thing!” fund raised money for The Cinderella Project. The girls were in Grades 6 and 7 and discussed issues once a month that were relevant to girls of their age, including popularity,gossip, and body image. They decided on their own to do a fundraising project to raise money for a worthy cause
  • Memorial donations.
  • A Local Grade 12 class hosted the Great Grad Grub Grab – they auctioned off lunches for between $5-$10 with a celebrity chef and then raffled off delicious brownies!  Everyone has to eat lunch – this is a great idea!!
  • Girls Night In Auction – a local group of women get together a couple of times a year and bring items that they no longer want or need (the sweater that you got from your great auntie might be someone’s dream, do you really need 2 rice cookers?) They start the auctioning off at about $.25 per item and usually collect between $20-$50 dollars each. This money is being donated to the Cinderella Project. What a great way to recycle and support youth!

We encourage creativity and appreciate all efforts tremendously.

Contact Us if you need more information or if you have an idea you’d like to share!