Wish List

All Student Attire needs to be clean and in good repair. Remember these items will be worn and loved by Grade 12 students. 

Student Attire (new or gently used items only):

      • Formal Dresses (sizes 10 and up are most needed)
        • please no wedding gowns or short dresses
        • formal long dresses or tea length (below the knee) only please
      • Gloves – elbow and opera length, (particularly white, cream and black)
      • Evening Dress shoes (sizes larger than 10 or smaller than 6 are most needed wide widths seem to be most sought after))
      • Jewelry – Sparkly earrings and necklaces (sparkly clip earrings are always in demand) and plain chains in gold and silver tones for pendants;    
      • Tiaras, rhinestone headbands and other formal hair jewelry/clips
      • Women’s NEW panties – all sizes
      • Cosmetic Bags (new or gently used)
      • Dress Shirts – New white dress shirts (sizes 14 and 14.5 neck sizes are most needed)
      • Suit Shoes, new or in as new condition– classic black leather style is most often the favourite but youth also like hip looks (sizes larger than 12 or smaller than 8 are most needed) We are presently in desperate need of size 15.
      • Belts – new or like-new black dress belts suitable for wearing with a dressy suit
      • Socks – new black dress socks
      • Men’s underwear – new – all sizes, boxers, briefs and undershirts
      • “Cinderfella” Accessories – Chain necklaces, earrings, sunglasses, tie clips, fedora-style hats, etc. 
      • Current-look ties, especially bow ties and suspenders, pocket squares in all colours

Care Package Items – We invite approximately 200 students to Boutique Day. The number of girls and guys vary, but we expect to need 130 kits for students choosing to wear a dress and 70 kits for students choosing to wear a suit.

      • Any age-appropriate toiletry items (new, unopened products only please) such as:
      • NEW unopened Shampoo, conditioner, any other hair styling products for men and women (gel, spray etc)
      • NEW Cologne samples for both men and women
      • NEW Deodorant/antiperspirant
      • NEW makeup (lipsticks, gloss, nail polish, eye makeup, mascara etc.)
      • NEW Shaving supplies (disposable razors, shaving cream or gel)
      • NEW fun socks for girls and guys
      • NEW toothbrushes and toothpaste
      • Non-perishable, individually wrapped snack foods (such a treat for these youth)
      • “Fun” items – over the years we’ve had small gift cards ($5 Tim Hortons or Subway or MacDonald coupons for example), new magazines, new small stuffed animals, fanny packs, cosmetic bags, , packs of gum/mints/tic tacs, plain t-shirts, mini movie posters, every day jewelry, school supplies (ie.businesses sometimes have a swag cupboard with pens etc. – all welcome!)…. an amazing variety

Why do we ask for individually wrapped food items? Quite simply because most of our Cinderellas and Cinderfellas do not have enough to eat. During the week, most of the students are on their school’s subsidized lunch program. On the weekend’s many have to do without. On Boutique Day, the majority of the Cinderellas and Cinderfellas (and any family member who attends with them) have not had breakfast or lunch. We like to make sure we give them something to eat on the way home. 


      • Hair dressing supplies for hair stylists at Boutique Day – boxes of bobby pins, hairspray, gel etc. -ideally, one set of styling products per stylist (we have 20 to 25 stylist). 

Your generosity and ingenuity can make a huge difference for a deserving graduate. For example, an ophthalmologist donated an eye exam and contact lenses that went to a deserving graduate who came to Boutique Day wearing eyeglasses held together with duct tape. Please contact us to inquire about unique donation ideas.