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What is Boutique Day?

Boutique Day is a day of recognition and self-esteem boosting. The Cinderella Project sees Boutique Day as a way to acknowledge the fact that these outstanding students have achieved a major milestone and overcome significant challenges to do so. The students spend the day with positive role models celebrating their successes and discussing their future plans.

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At Boutique Day, around 200 students will be provided with one-on-one mentorship with a volunteer “Godmother or Godfather”, their choice of a graduation outfit, hair and makeup application, food (as our students often go hungry over the weekends), a care package, and formal photos to commemorate the day.

With support and encouragement from The Cinderella Project, our students are now able to celebrate the graduation milestone with their peers. As one teacher wrote, “the fact that grad is now an option for [her students] and that they have the chance to feel like ‘all the other students’ is so important!”

Check out our Infographic (pdf) for more information.