Achievement Awards

Applications for the Cinderella Project awards are now closed. We will be in touch with all applicants within a few weeks. Thank you.

About the Awards:

The Cinderella Project recognizes outstanding young people who have overcome personal challenges to successfully achieve graduation. The Cinderella Project is offering the following awards in 2019 to encourage graduates to pursue their dreams of further education and/or training: (Awards are not based on grades and application is only open to accepted Cinderella Project students)

  • Peter MacKenzie Memorial Awards for Excellence. These awards to be used towards tuition, textbooks or course materials, adaptive technology, trade equipment or other education expenses
  • Shelley Hoffman Memorial Fund Awards. These awards will be in the form of assistance with tuition fees or a computer.
  • Up to Three (3) SCHOLARSHIPS for FULL TUITION plus SUPPLY KIT (at a value of $8000. each) to be used at Future Hair Training Centre, Vancouver (donated by Future Hair Training Centre

Who is eligible?

  1. The applicant must be a confirmed participant in the Cinderella Project in 2019, and
  2. The applicant must achieve graduation in 2019.

How to apply:

Each student who applies must prepare EITHER:

  1. An essay of a minimum of 500 words or more written by the student on the theme described below
  2. OR

  3. A video, audio recording, website or other creative work prepared by the student on the theme described below, along with a 250 word written summary describing the work.

Each essay, video, audio recording, website or other creative work must be presented in English. (Please make sure to reference any materials or quotes that are the work of someone else). Please make sure to put your full name on your submission. The deadline for submissions is May 1, 2019.


The theme of the essay, video, audio recording, website or other creative work is:

What Graduation Means to Me.

The following questions must be answered:

  1. Tell us about your big dreams for the future.
  2. What have you learned so far that will help you succeed in the future? What experiences have you had so far that will help you reach that dream?
  3. What are your post-secondary school plans? What program(s) do you plan on attending? How do you think they’ll help you achieve your big dreams?
  4. Tell us more about yourself and your passions. Are there activities you’re excited about? Do you volunteer with an organization that’s important to you? Are you involved with a great community organization?
  5. How would you use this achievement award, scholarship or computer? What difference would it make to your future plans?

Selection Criteria:

Applications will be judged on the basis of:

      • Overall effectiveness in addressing the theme above
      • Effective strategies used to overcome adversities in personal and/or academic life
      • Insight
      • Awards are not based on grades.